About us

Capitalist — a person who has a lot of money, property, etc., and who uses those things to produce more money.

source: Merriam Webster Dictionary

The Capitalist.net system was developed as a universal tool for all those who have dedicated their lives and work to e-commerce. Along with rendering services of comfortable usage of various electronic currencies and making payments, we also provide an opportunity to develop existing Projects as well as a friendly platform for establishment of brand new businesses, search for investors and partners!

The main objective of Capital is to grow and generate even more Capital. But where and how to find a Project or a Product that can ensure that growth? The Capitalist.net project was established by us exactly for solution of this complicated task. It is based on the crowdfunding model.

Crowdfunding is not just a vogue word, it is an effective mechanism of raising monetary funds for creation of new Projects and release of unique Products. Annual reports of two popular American crowdfunding platforms deal with 9-digit amounts of raised money, which evidences the practicability of this financing model.

Within the framework of the Capitalist.net system, we try to gather together both Capital owners and young energetic IT specialists who are able to create new Projects and Products. By giving the opportunity to make a claim about oneself, one's team, or one's idea, and to present all that as a particular Project, we simplify the lives of everybody: both Capitalists and Fiery Doers!

Of course, new successful Projects do not appear every day, and business is business and it needs to operate daily. Therefore, the Capitalist.net mainly offers the services of a payment service provider operating various popular electronic currencies, such as WebMoney, Epese, OkPay, and others. Single payments in favor of web designers, freelancers, SEO optimizers, or regular payment of fees in favor of adware providers, all of them are convenient to make via Capitalist.net.

Shareholders and founders of the Capitalist.net system are people who have evolved from a simple webmaster who earned money by clicks and subscriptions to owners of services and partnership programs. We know what is in demand of both webmasters and people who want to invest their earned Capital and establish new businesses.